Our Mission


Founded in 2007, Bayshore Soccer Club was created to develop and enlighten young athletes on their path through life. We use the "Beautiful Game" to pass on our philosophy as a soccer club.  Our motto,"Always Seeking Excellence," is the forefront of everything we do.

As a soccer club we strive for athletic achievement; our players overall development is what underlines our ultimate goal. In order for the player and team to reach achievement, we must help formulate a mindset that will help the player become the best they can be.  We will supply every athlete with the necessary tools to reach their goals.  As a club, we will help them develop their skills, test their abilities and encourage an unwavering work ethic that will shape their experience as an athlete.  Our competitive nature will be evident during every endeavor.  We will push and strive to reach our goals but never lose our integrity.  We will exhibit excitement and respect when winning, but also show humility and dignity in defeat.  We will teach them that the level of work provided in athletic participation must be employed in every factor of their lives, not just on the field.

Through this soccer club, the athlete will encounter many experiences that will help them become a better individual all around.  We will create a winning culture which will motivate them to pursue excellence, athletic achievement and social responsibility that exceed those of surrounding clubs.